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Wishing you a safe and Happy 4th of July!

A little 4th of July Trivia!

What is the most common food consumed on the 4th of July?

The hot dog is the most common food consumed on the 4th. The month of July has been declared National Hot Dog Month, and it is estimated that 150 million hot dogs will be eaten on July 4th!.

What year were fireworks first used to celebrate the Fourth of July?

Fireworks became part of the annual 4th celebration in 1777.

Who was the only president born on the 4th of July?

President Calvin Coolidge - However, three of our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Monroe passed away on that date.

Which president of the United States was the first to host a 4th of July celebration at the White House?

Thomas Jefferson, the third president, was the first to celebrate Independence Day at The White House in 1801.

What was the name of the first newspaper to publish the Declaration of Independence?

John Dunlap's The Pennsylvania Packet (on July 5th) and Benjamin Town's Pennsylvania Evening Post (on July 6th) in 1776 were the first two to publish the declaration.

What was done with the Declaration of Independence during World War II?

The Declaration was stored in Fort Knox to keep it safe.

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