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Spring is in the air!

Spring is the time for all things new, rebirth, and an exciting time to try something new or reinvent yourself.

I would compare it to the first time I experienced riding a roller coaster. I was so excited but terrified at the same time.

My fear started building as I got in a long line with more than a hundred other people weaving in and around a turnstile. I could hear the sound of the roller coaster moving around on that old wooden track. As the cars climbed to the top of the first descent, I could hear the clickity-clack of that old wooden structure. Then, the screams and the ride's descent as its cars plummeted down the first slope made part of me want to run from the line as fast as I could. Another part of me was too excited to resist. So instead of running, I stood fast and climbed into one of the cars when it was time. What I learned from that experience was that the anticipation and what I imagined about that experience were far worse than the reality. What I remember most is that the fear dissipated into excitement, and the ride was over before I could fully enjoy it. Climbing from the car I remember saying, "Can we go again?"

If there's something you have always wanted to do, perhaps the spring is an excellent time to try? Maybe you would like to learn a new skill, write a book, learn to sculpt or climb a mountain. It doesn't matter what your dream is. No matter what keeps you from taking that leap of faith, put it aside and jump in feet first. Do something new that you have always dreamt of and fully enjoy the journey. Don't let anything you can imagine get in your way. Do something you love, and you will always love what you are doing!


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