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Don't miss, "Murderous Interruptions", The Veils of Parallel Times coming in August 2021!

Murderous Interruptions - Book 2

The paranormal mystery, The Veils of Parallel Times, continues with "Murderous Interruptions."

Allie Callahan's nemesis is a challenging and formidable adversary. Travel with her as she finally accepts and embraces her ancestral gifts to stop her archenemy, who would have her destroyed for his own lust of power. Explore the depths of her relationship with this rival in this life and beyond the veil.

Murderous Envy - Book 1

Allie Callahan had her whole life mapped out-run her family's marketing firm, make her first million, and get that next big contract. Destiny had another plan. After a catastrophic event forces her to rethink her life's path, Allie discovers that the heritage she's tried so hard to deny is about to lead her in an entirely new direction. Unable to ignore her grandfather's Native American heritage, Allie embarks on a journey that will test her fortitude, strength, and courage, but it will also bring her the one thing she never thought possible - love.

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