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C.J. Carson, Author

From a very early age, CJ Carson has been inspired by a great story, but what has brought her to this juncture in her life and inspired her to put pen to paper are the many rich experiences and opportunities her life has put in her path. 

Her love of learning and new adventures has afforded her opportunities to reinvent herself many times over. 

She became a licensed massage therapist while working in the medical field, attending several classes to learn energy work. She then went on to become a Polarity Therapist and Reiki Therapist. 

As an artist, she has explored many modalities that have taken her on many a journey. 

Her acting has brought her into the world of theatre both on the stage and behind the scenes. 

Painting introduced her to a group of artists that shared her passion for bringing a scene to canvas.

Her love of singing allowed her to travel twice to Europe as a soloist with conductor Sonja Dahlgren Prior and a chorus out of Boston. Sonja, affectionately known as Sunny, inspired her to do something she never dreamed possible.

But something CJ Carson has always wanted to do is write. As a young student in high school, she had a teacher who implored her to pursue a writing career, but life had other plans for her first.


In 2021 she was finally able to introduce to the world her first published works, "Murderous Envy"  and  "Murderous Interruptions" from her trilogy, Veils of Parallel Times. The third book in the trilogy, "Murderous Karma" will be released in early 2022.

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